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West End - Our School

West End School was built in 1875.  There are nine classrooms, a Learning Support base, a quiet room, a library, a hall and a canteen. Our school grounds have several large play areas with adventure play equipment and a large football field.

West End is a non-denominational school. In addition to the Head Teacher, there are two Depute Head teachers, eleven class teachers, 1.4 Additional Support teachers and visiting specialist teachers for Music, Art, Instrumental Instruction and Physical Education. We also have a variety of support staff including Administration Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Education Auxiliaries, Lunchtime Supervisors, a Playground Supervisor, Janitor, Cook and Catering Assistants.

West End is for primary age pupils from Primary 1 through to Primary 7. The school is nearing capacity and therefore it is becoming more important for prospective parents to reside in the catchment area. This area runs from Moss Street in the town centre right out to the outskirts of the city at Aldroughty on the A96; it is bounded by the railway line to the South and the river to the North.  Pupils whose homes are in the catchment area but are two miles away from the school qualify for free transport.

Pupils who live in the West End catchment area usually transfer to Elgin Academy. Pupils outwith the catchment area wishing to attend West End will have to make a placing request through Moray Council. Forms for this can be obtained from the school office. Priority will be given to children resident within the same secondary school catchment as their pre-school provision provider and/or with a sibling already at the primary school.

West End Catchment Area