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School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is strongly encouraged at West End, not only because it is very smart and saves any competition for expensive fashions, but we believe that wearing school uniform confirms that children are coming to a special place with special values and expectations. The school uniform is white blouse or shirt, black and red tie, grey skirt or trousers and red school sweatshirt. Ties and sweatshirts can be bought in school.

For indoor PE, a T-shirt, in appropriate house colour, and indoor gym shoes are required. We try to go outside as often as we can so outdoor shoes and warm tracksuit tops and bottoms should also be included in your child's P.E. kit.  P.E. kits should be kept in school.  Earrings and watches need to be removed for PE.

Name tags should be used on all clothing.  

Name Labels are available as self adhesive Stikins from  They are ideal for clothes, shoes, dishwasher items such as waterbottles and packed lunch boxes or anything else that needs named!  

Please quote the School Reference Number when ordering 24824