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Devloping the Courtyard with REAP

Who needs a raised bed buiding?

Building the West End Wormery!

We'd better check the instructions!

Worms eat cardboard?

Preparing the wormery for 2000 new school 'pupils'!

Potatoes growing well

We're hoping to have an early crop ready by the end of June.

Putting the raised beds together from planks of wood

Using a power drill! 


Working together, learning from others.

Filling the beds

'Chuckies' for good drainage as the beds will sit on a concrete layer.

This is hard work!

Crop planting begins!

We started by planting garlic, parsley, marjoram, beetroot and  mizuna.

Hands on!

Happy children


Dorothy Allen from REAP explains how composting works as pupils get ready to set up the West End Composter!

The Compost Bin

We've officially started composting as you can see from the depths of our bin! Pupils are being encouraged to chuck in their food scraps, cardboard and garden waste.

Carrots and Onions

Paul from REAP helps pupils fill the beds with lots of goodies!


What alot of vegetables, herbs and plants we have now. Runner bean supports in place.

Water, water, water...

Making sure all our new plants have a good drink.

All getting involved

Job done! (for now)

We all enjoyed our very productive afternoons with REAP.  We are very grateful for their support, expertise and resources, all of which were provided free of charge.


We all look forward to watching the garden grow, now the real hard work begins...