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Primary 4

Welcome to Primary 4. We are a class of 29 enthusiastic learners with many different skills and talents. At the start of this session we worked hard as a class to produce a class contract. This is a set of rules which we all agreed were important for our class to run smoothly and for us to achieve the best we can.

We have also voted for 2 class reps to put our ideas forward to the pupil council. We look forward to seeing how our ideas impact on our school.


We are having a super time this term. A lot of our work is through the theme of Jimmy on the Road to Super Health. We are focussing on physical health, emotional wellbeing and keeping safe.

We have been finding out about how different foods affect our body, why we need to exercise and how our actions impact on the feelings of others.

Meet the Author

We have had a visit to the library to meet the author Pamela Butchart. She is the author of a range of books for young readers. We were really inspired by our visit and found out about all the people involved in creating a book. We had lots of fun being illustrators aswell.

New Term

This is a very busy time of year and we have lots of things to look forward to. The class are very excited about Halloween and have been designing masks with the art teacher. They are also enjoying our Romans topic. We have a Christmas concert to prepare for, an outing to the cinema, a theatre group coming to visit us at school and also a christmas fayre. We are in for a very exciting term.