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Welcome to the Fantastic Fives!

Primary five have had a super start to their year. They have been busy discussing class values and how we should all work as a team in order to be successful. We know we all have a role to play and that everyone has different strengths and different skills, it would be a boring world if we were all the same. We understand that to be a great class team we need to value and respect each other, offer support and friendship and be resilient if things don't always go our way. We can then be a great class community and have fun with our learning and push ourselves to achieve our own highest standards!

The Power of Positive thinking

Primary five are also learning about their mind set and how even if things are tricky if we look at things positively we can push ourselves forward and achieve as much as we can. We our learning to say things such as :

I can't do it ....yet!!!

Mistakes are good they help me learn .

By encouraging Primary 5 to think positively they will hopefully aim high and not worry about making mistakes or being as good as the next person but think about themselves and what they are achieving at their own level.