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Digging soil in the school grounds

Collecting soil in jars for analysing in class.

Watching out for worms!

The girls were careful not to collect any of our wiggly friends!

What is Soil?

Thinking together about the properties of soil.

Working together

Why is soil important?

Thinking about the layers of soil. Apparently there's humus in soil but NOT the stuff you dip carrot sticks in!


Learning about erosion and weathering too.

Week beginning 5.9.16 by Zack and Taysia Dorothy from REAP

We had fun learning about soil.

 Experiment Time!

Finding out if sandy soil and clay soil are water retentive. The best soil wouldn't have too much sand or clay.

Getting stuck in!

This feels great!

Working well together

Enjoying experiments.

Week begining 26.9.16 by Ben and Emilija

This week we were harvesting vegetables at West End.  Here's some runner beans.

Harvesting in action.

Harvesting some vegtebles.

The Harvested Vegetables

All of our vegtebles we collected beetroot, carrots, chives, parsley, potatoes, thyme, onions and spring onions.

In the classroom we made some salad and it tasted fresh.

Sorting out the beetroot for our harvest

The activity was good fun. We are now thinking about what to grow next.