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Primary 7

Welcome to the home of Primary 7.  We have 31 in our class - 10 boys and 21 girls!  We have been looking at Democracy in class.  We have also been studying Scotland and looking at exports.


Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is a day of respect

And please don’t let us forget.

People of a thousand times

Who all gave their precious lives

To protect our country and people

And keep out all the evil.

We remember them with care

And wish that life was fair

We wish that the war had never begun

We wish the days had passed with fun

The war brings back sad memories

And we remember it with poppies

Every year we paint and draw

Poppies of war and more

We give the money to charity

For people with war disability

So remember this day with all your heart

And don’t forget to play your part

In remembering all the men

Who fought in the war just then

So please don’t laugh or make a joke

Listen to all those who spoke

About the war and people who died

Remember them like stars in the skies

Poppies are red and violets are blue

So remember those who fought in the war for you.

by Emma

Glen Moray Visit

House Captains

Primary 7 - Pupil Council Reps

Jenny, Alia and Ben are Primary Seven council members. Jenny is the chairperson and Alia and Nicole are vice chair-people.

The Primary Seven council members have been discussing ways to improve the school. They have been taking the fruity Monday scores and announcing the winners each week. P1 won were the last winners. Well done! 

Bridge Centre Visit

P7 went down to Elgin Bridge Centre for the last time playing bridge just before Christmas. They were really excited to go. Roddy and Kyle won with 500 points. The aim of bridge is to get the most tricks by having the highest value card/trump. There are 13 tricks to win. The Bridge Centre members have been coming and teaching P7 every Friday afternoon for an hour. 

Report by Nicholas and Alexander

Council Chambers

Primary 7 went down to the Moray Council Chambers on Friday 2/12/16 to have a mature debate. The topic was “Should P7 get homework or not?”. The majority was that we should get home work.  Do you agree with the majority?  The majority was 16 but the result was 16:1:12.  What would you vote for?  West End is in ward 7. J   

Here is a picture of the seats that we sat on in the council chambers. It was a fun experience. 

Body Systems

Last term in Primary 7, we had been looking at the body systems and how everything in the bodies work.

At the start of that term, they got into groups and got given a sheet with a body part/system labelled on it, and they had to find out everything they knew about it and present it in a 3D poster. It was challenging but the final outcome was fantastic.

The first thing P7 learned at the start of this topic was the heart. The heart did get confusing, as it is a fascinating part of the body, but in the end the entire P7 understand how the heart works. 

Towards the end of this topic Primary 7 made model lungs out of a cut-in-half bottle, 2 balloons (1 big one small) a straw and some play-doh!  It was a great experience for the class to learn about exhaling and inhaling. They now are able to understand the purpose and the use of the lungs.

Now Primary 7 have a lot of knowledge on the Body Systems!