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Christmas Show

Christmas Rehearsals for P6 and P7

This year West End Primary School put on a wonderful Christmas show.

All of the classes had put on an amazing show entertaining the audience.  There were lots of different performance’s put on by P1, 2, 3 then P4, 5 and finally P6, 7.  P1, 2, 3 performed a traditional nativity all about Bethlehem.  All of the audience  loved watching them sing songs and dancing around in their fabulous costumes. P4, 5 had put on a wonderful performance on Christmas in Hawaii. They all looked as if they really enjoyed dressing up and had a good time singing songs and playing the part.       

During the short intermission Mr Barron and Mrs Tubbs had dressed up as the two horrible step sisters from Cinderella and entertained the crowd.  Poor Jessica had to fight them off as her father had been stolen from her. Last but not least p6, 7 had put on an outstanding performance on the horrible Mr Scrooge in a Christmas Carol.  All of the children were singing songs and having fun all dressed up in wonderful costumes.

By Hannah and Daron